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Dimur Fruits S.L. is a company created more than two decades ago, located in Toledo (Spain) and dedicated to the  production, marketing and export of fruit and vegetable derivatives. The company is made up of people with  extensive experience in the food industry. The gained experience during many years allows us to offer  products tailored to our customer’s needs.

Dimur Fruits only process top quality fresh fruit, organic and conventional, to make derivatives under the  brand name of Dimur Fruits. Within the range of products, there are stone fruits, summer fruits, red fruits,  exotic fruits and, especially, citrus fruits.

Our wide range of products and the possibility of supply of  all products throughout the whole year, becomes our  competitive advantage.

Dimur Fruits knows the importance of mantaining the sostenibility of the environment. For this  reason we believe that all participants along the supply chain should act ethically and responsibly  towards our environment. We give high priority to sustainability from the field to the customer.

Dimur Fruits has a strict and extensive quality control  throughout all stages of the production process: from the  field to the delivery of the finished product. Due to this high control, we do have different quality  certifications.

Fruit Solutions

Dimur Fruits is committed to the development of the products obtained from fruit and vegetables:  concentrates, NFC juice, puree concentrates, puree, oils, powders, fillings, etc. Our products are specially focused to  supply different industry sectors:


Dimur Fruits provides our customers with a single and fully-integrated source for all logistics needs. Our experienced logistic team is dedicated to finding solutions that increase efficiency and value for our customers. Dimur Fruits collaborates with important freight forwarders and shipping worldwide for road and maritime transport.

Conical Metallic Drums

Capability of 200, 220, 240, 250 and 265 kg.
Aseptic Bags suitable for all food products.

Bag in Box

Capability of 10kg and 20kg.
Aseptic bag inside a cardboard boxes.


Capability of 5kg and 10kg.
Airtight plastic jerrycans.

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